+3 Inches

Stature is important for men. Some people say that taller gentlemen are more attractive to women. Of course, it's a matter of individual preferences, so even short stature doesn't have to be a disadvantage. However, we know some men would like to be a bit taller. We designed for them our 3-inch elevator shoes, which discreetly add a few centimetres in height. The height-increasing module is hidden in the sole - it's a special leather insole that does not affect the look of the shoes. Our shoes look like any other standard and generally available shoes in stores.

What do you gain?

First of all – 3 inches in height! It’s quite a lot and we’re sure you will see the difference yourself. Thanks to their unique features, our elevator shoes +3 inches will give you self-confidence and help you hold yourself upright, which makes you look taller as well! Our 3-inch elevator shoes give you a chance to get rid of complexes or insecurities in a non-invasive, painless and... fashionable way! All our shoes are designed according to the latest trends. They look great with elegant suits, casual trousers and sports jackets.

Elevator shoes +3 inches – elegant and sports models 

Elegant, height increasing shoes +3 Inches have a timeless style. The high-quality cowhide and calf leather, slender shape, elongated toe and non-slip soles ensure modern elegance in the classic version. We offer these models of shoes primarily for important occasions, including weddings, business meetings, lavish ceremonies, job interviews or dinners in exclusive restaurants. Wearing comfort of sports shoes is an alternative as well. Our elevator shoes are also available in sports version! It's a great solution for everyday and casual occasions. Now you can be taller whenever you want, so you will feel more self-confident! You will forget what "short stature" means!

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