+5 Inches

Once unbelievable, now possible and available to all men. Can special footwear make you taller? Can such effect be achieved in an unnoticeable way? Can you feel good in shoes that add up to 5 inches in height? We offer high-quality elevator shoes +5 Inches, which are the results of hard work of our designers and production team. Every pair is made with craft precision. Only the best, high-quality materials were chosen to make sure that our shoes are durable, tough and resistant to damage. At the same time, we paid special attention to the comfort of the users; therefore, we are sure that our footwear not only makes you a few inches taller, but also gives you the comfort of wearing.

Discreet and classy

Short stature does not necessarily mean complexes. But if you want to look and feel better, especially during an important meeting or festivity you can choose our 5-inch elevator shoes. Every shoe is tailored and provided with a special insole to increase your height. In this case, our shoes add 5 inches in height, but we offer other options as well. Height increasing shoes +5 Inches are made of natural cowhide or calf leather. It is not possible to automate entire production process of such shoes; some things should be done manually, and that's how we do it. Only in this way we can achieve a satisfactory effect that ensures both the elegance and fashionable design of our leather shoes.

5-inch elevator shoes for everyday use 

You can wear them both with casual and sports clothes! We offer also men's sneakers that are perfect for everyday use and provide you with good cushioning and stabilization of the foot. They are made of natural suede and other types of skin, with inserts of light net that make them airy. Height increasing sports shoes +5 Inches are a perfect solution for active people who like free and casual style.

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