+4 Inches

You don't need much to be fully satisfied with your stature? Being just a few centimetres taller would make you completely happy with your appearance? Our 4-inch elevator shoes are the solution you need! It's special footwear with an elevator sole that makes you 4 inches taller. Total satisfaction with your look gives you greater self-confidence, which in turn helps you hold yourself upright. Starting with shoes, you can change your life and the way you perceive yourself.

Elegant elevator shoes +4 inches

The most popular shoes in our offer are the elegant ones, including matt, semi-matt and gloss models. Usually, men decide to use our solution for special occasions, such as their own wedding. Height increasing shoes +4 Inches will change your look and add you more masculine confidence, so wearing them is worth considering when you go for a job interview, business meeting or a date with your other half. Elegant elevator shoes +4 Inches are made of natural cowhide or calf leather - soft but very solid, resistant to external factors, tearing or colour fading. Our shoes are hand-made, so we remove any undesirable flaws at the production stage. The shoes have non-slip soles, which ensure a higher level of security and greater confidence in every step.

Height increasing sports shoes +4 Inches

Do you like our elegant elevator footwear? Now you can have such shoes also in a sports version. Our store offers a wide variety of comfortable sports footwear with a hidden elevator in the sole. You can be sure that your solution for tallness won't get noticed. Our height-increasing sports shoes +4 Inches are produced in various fashionable colours and patterns. We provide a wide range of models that have been designed according to the latest trends. These shoes, with their discreet elevator in the sole, will make you look fashionable, feel comfortable, and get more self-confidence!

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