Why increase shoes?

Faretti elevating shoes were created for men who want to feel not only taller, but also much more confident. They are perfect for everyday wear, for weddings, for work, for dates, for all events. This footwear is not only for short men, but also for those who dream of a slender, upright figure, a stern step and a much better look.

Although Faretti shoes look like ordinary, standard footwear really consists of a number of innovative solutions. They keep the proportions of ordinary footwear, but can imperceptibly add up to +12 cm extra height.

We designed them to maintain maximum comfort, and at the same time so that our unique lifting system placed in the sole remains completely invisible.

Faretti shoes were created from the highest quality natural leathers and materials. Made by hand with attention to every detail. An excellent proposition not only for men of short height, but also for taller ones.

The man wearing Faretti heel shoes will immediately become more confident, get a slimmer figure, have a more confident step, and also get a slimmer, upright figure.

Properties of increasing shoes:

- A special designed shoe sole that adds up to +12 cm in height, while maintaining maximum comfort and discretion. Made of the highest quality materials, the insole provides cushioning of the foot, and also absorbs pressure while walking, providing even more pleasure from use.

- A unique boosting pad perfectly hidden in the sole allows you to enjoy taller height without paying anyone's attention

- Natural leathers provide great ventilation of the foot, and specially designed elevating shoes will make you reach for them very willingly every day

Why you should want to be taller:

- Your confidence increases dramatically

- you gain a slimmer figure

- your body is straight

- you have a safer step

- women want tall men

- you are more respected among other people

- According to many scientific studies, taller men earn more, do better in their professional life, and have a higher social status

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