Height increase shoes for men – structure and look

During the production process we apply many innovative solutions which make shoes a great choice for every man. Depending on the specific shoe model, it can add up to 12cm. The difference will be clearly visible but the platform hidden in the sole will be completely unnoticeable. The Faretti shoes are characterised by the highest quality and natural materials, such as natural leather. This shoes provide airiness and the highest possible comfort. This kind of shoes can also match every kind of clothes.

The shoes for short men? Choose the shoes elevating for up to 10cm

Short height is a problem for many men. It is required to be self-confident and good looking during every day situations. Unfortunately not everyone can feel comfortable when being shorter than his woman or co-worker. It can lead to lower self-confidence, even though, this problem can be solved quickly. It’s only a matter of proper shoes, which can help you regain confidence without raillery. The platform is invisible, so you don’t need to inform anyone that it’s a reason of your elevated height. How many centimetres you can gain thanks to a proper shoes? It depends on your individual preferences. This kind of shoes can add even up to 5 inches. It’s a huge difference which is not visible in the shoe structure. It makes you look natural all the time and that’s the most important.

Why elevator shoes are worth wearing?

There are many reasons why this kind of shoes is worth buying. The most important is elegant look. Formal shoes or sport kicks can change the height as well as the whole body build which can get more slender. It is a great way of improving small drawbacks. The change of look influences your mood and self confidence. It is much easier to be in a good mood when you are satisfied with your own look. What is more, tall men are believed to be more attractive and first impression can be beneficial in contact with other people. This kind of shoes will surely fulfil the requirements.

Elevator shoes – who should wear it?

Elevator shoes has been designed for men who would like to gain some or a dozen of centimetres. It does not mean that it should be wear only by short man. It can be wear by everyone who wants to be a bit taller than usual without lack of comfort. Without a doubt, people who like to look elegant or more sporty will love it. Wide range of Faretti elevator shoes makes it possible. There is no age limitations when comes to wearing this type of shoes. This type of shoes does not have a negative effect on your spine, so it will be appropriate for teenagers as well as grown-up man.

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Elevator shoes for men – what’s the price?

There is no effective therapy which can add up to 12cm height. Fortunately there are Faretti shoes which make you taller right after putting them on your feet. The shoes are extremely durable because of its strong construction. The shoes of high-quality are worth buying because you won’t need to buy a new one for a long time. The price depends on the shoes model but all of them are not too expensive and reasonably priced for the quality. You can gain a few centimetres and straight silhouette, which is attractive for women. Height is also important in relations with other people. If you wear proper shoes you are one step closer to success.

Standard shoes vs elevator shoes

It might sound surprising but this kind o shoes are in fashion right now! You can take a look at the products of famous companies. Thin sole is normal right now, even when comes to the products designed by the most famous people. But in most cases it is clearly visible and it looks very unnatural. That’s why Faretti shoes are better choice for you. The construction is comfortable and high-quality. Hidden platform ensures comfort and does not change your walking style. It’s a great choice for everyone who needs higher shoes. So, don’t waste your time and choose comfortable and stylish elevator shoes. All of them were designed to be fashionable and universal. There are many vivid colours as well as neutral, which will do in everyday use.

Elevator shoes – when you can wear them?

Not every men which is not so tall wants to change it every day. However, there are occasions which you need to look as good as it’s possible and it is good to wear elevator shoes. Wedding can be a great example of that day. Your woman will wear high-heels surely and if you don’t want to be shorter you will need to wear proper shoes. Among our offer you can find many types of elegant shoes, including slippers. This type of shoes is a great choice for every kind of office party or any kind of family party. The shoes are available in many colour variants and wide range of sizes. You will be able to match them to any kind of clothes. We also offer sport shoes, which are great for every type of exercises. These shoes are designed for increased strain and made of airy materials. We also offer shoes which will be perfect for everyday use and will match jeans, tracksuit or a bit more elegant clothes which you wear at work. Do you want to look and feel confident all the time, no matter where you are? Choose elevator shoes and enjoy additional height. It’s the best solution and the easiest one, which will help you change your life!

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How about high-heeled shoes for men?

You don’t need to give up Comfort to gain a few centimetres more. Standard heels look facetiously, whereas platform hidden inside will help you look great among other people. When the women wears high-heels she exactly knows what she wants to achieve. Because of raised and more slender legs it is more attractive for men. She can be perceived by you even if she is just walking down the street drinking soya latte bought in chain store. What should you do when you are short Man and your woman wears high-heels? People who design shoes understand your concerns perfectly. To fulfil your expectations they have created shoes which will help you gain some more height and will women’s opinions more positive than before. You will be higher, more handsome and you will look better in every type of clothes. There are more stereotypes about men. They should be more tough and brave. Their look is also very important. The height is very important element. Some woman Take care over it and do not feel comfortable among sorter men, which makes them not to wear high-heels which they love. This problem can be solved by elevator shoes for men, which will make you a few centimetres higher and make the height difference between you and your woman less visible. This kind of shoes looks a bit different than shoes wear by woman: high-heels or wedge heels. We can offer: Wedge heels for men Wedding shoes with platform Formal shoes with heel Winter shoes Elevator sport shoes

Shoes with elevating platform for men

The main difference between shoes which are wear by women is its specific construction. It is not important for men to have a slender legs – it is hidden under the trousers. Because of that higher shoes are not clearly visible and look like a normal shoes. The platform is there for a purpose but it is not exposed like women shoes. While looking at this type of shoes you see standard footwear, because what’s hidden inside is only a man’s secret. People who wear this kind of shoes are satisfied with this kind of footwear and do not want to change it to any other. They use it on formal occasions and during free time or when they meet with their friends. Without a doubt you can wear it every day to feel comfortable and to get rid of your complexes without noticing the short height. Your woman will surely enjoy that and she will be able to wear high-heels without slouching.

Elevator shoes – what are they?

This type of shoes is still gaining in popularity because many men prefer to hide their drawbacks. Short height is not a disadvantage but it can influence you relations with tall women. This type of shoes is not a true novelty – it has been used by actors, TV hosts, politicians and many people who need to take care of their own image. If you want to make a good first impression you need to show your personality and look. The biggest advantage of our shoes is their discretion and high comfort. Your feet won’t be tired, even after the whole day in formal shoes. Properly chosen footbed will be additional factor which will make it more comfortable.

Elevator winter shoes

Wearing the suit only is a great option for spring or summer day – suits are usually made of airy materials. But what should you do during winter when there is very cold outside and you want to look great? Elevator winter shoes will add you a few centimetres and provide comfort. The shoes ar made of high-quality material which allows air flow to your feet. Winter shoes are equipped with additional material which makes you feel warm and are also weatherproof. You don’t need to leave your favourite shoes even in winter. Winter shoes are designed to have invisible heels and to be very comfortable. They are much more comfy than women’s high-heeled shoes.

High heeled shoes for men

The heel which is used in men’s shoes is designed to be almost invisible but to add some height at the same time. Elevator shoes which gives you additional 10cm are the best choice among our offer. This additional height will be enough for most women – it will be beneficial for you as well as your woman – you will be both more bold and talkative. You will feel much better in your own company. Woman won’t even notice your elevator shoes paying attention to your personality, funny stories and jokes. Opinions about our shoes are positive. According to most users it is a great and effective solution to height problems. The shoes are also very aesthetic and made with taking care of every, even the smallest, detail. This shoes are very comfortable thanks to special inserts. Remember that the height is not the only factor that makes you confident – get rid of your complexes and feel great every day wearing elevator shoes!

Elevator shoes for men – features

Elevator shoes are intended for every man who is not entirely satisfied with his height. Thanks to a simple and comfortable solution every man can feel and look great in every situation. Due to ergonomic construction this type of shoes is extremely discreet and a heel is almost invisible. This shoes will do in everyday use as well as during formal occasions. The shoes are available in wide range of sizes and styles which allows you to choose the one for yourself.

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