Loyalty program

We have prepared our loyalty program with our regular customers in mind. Wanting to appreciate your connection with our faretti.pl store, we have created an attractive loyalty program for you, thanks to which every registered customer will be able to collect points awarded for purchases, which will be able to be exchanged for the next models of upward shoes!

How to get points?

shopping, issued PLN 20 - 1 point,

by subscribing to the newsletter - 2 points,

After collecting enough points, you can exchange for any up-size shoes you like!


I. General provisions:

1. These Regulations, hereinafter referred to as "regulations", define the rules for conducting and participating in a loyalty program, hereinafter referred to as "the program", addressed to the clients of the online store https://faretti.pl, hereinafter referred to as the "store". The Regulations define the rules for granting, issuing, subtracting, advertising and canceling points calculated in connection with the purchase of faretti.pl products.

2. The program is organized by P.H.U. "SPRINT" Henryk Pędzik with headquarters in Nysa, Ul. Piłsudskiego 23, 48-303 Nysa,, NIP 753-105-45-12, REGON 531352618, hereinafter referred to as the "organizer", who manages the program through a special IT system, called the "system".

3. All registered shop customers can be involved in the program, hereinafter referred to as "participants".

4. Organizer's employees, shop owners and employees as well as their spouses, ascendants, descendants and siblings can not participate in the program.

5. The program is implemented from March 1, 2018 until further notice, the date of which will be announced by the organizer to the participants at least 2 months in advance via the information provided on the organizer's website https://faretti.pl and the newsletter sent.

6. Regulations are available on the website https://faretti.pl.

7. Making a purchase by means of collected points means at the same time reading these terms and conditions and accepting them.

8. The address for correspondence with the organizer in matters related to the program, hereinafter referred to as "the organizer's address" is as follows: P.H.U. "SPRINT" Henryk Pędzik with headquarters in Nysa, Ul. Piłsudskiego 23, 48-303 Nysa,, NIP 753-105-45-12, REGON 531352618


II. Conditions for joining the program:


9. Every customer who creates an account in the store https://faretti.pl agrees to participate in the loyalty program.

10. By completing the form, the participant agrees to the rules of the regulations and undertakes to comply with them. The participant also agrees to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) and for communication with the participant by e-mail or traditional mail for purposes related to the program.

11. Participation in the program is voluntary.

12. Providing personal data within the scope specified in the regulations is necessary to participate in the program.

13. A correctly completed registration form, available at account registration, contains all fields marked with a red star correctly.

14. The date of joining the program is the date of filling out the form and registering the account by the participant.

15. Calculation of points starts when joining the program.

16. The participant may join the program at any time.

17. The organizer is not liable for incorrect, untruthful or incorrectly completed application form for the participant and for the activities of enterprises providing postal and telecommunications services.

18. The participant has the right to inspect the content of their personal data and request their modification, update or deletion by a written or electronic request addressed to the organizer. A request to delete personal data is tantamount to resignation from participation in the program.

III. Participant's account:

19. The participant joining the program creates an account in the system of the shop https://faretti.pl.

20. The account is not transferable and remains the sole property of the organizer.

21. An account is created for the participant without charging a fee.

22. The participant may have only one active account entitling to calculating points and exchanging them for the possibility of purchasing goods. In the event that a participant or person has more than one active account, the organizer is entitled to annul all accounts of that participant, which means canceling the program points saved on the accounts. The organizer will immediately inform the participant by e-mail or registered mail about the above.

23. The account is used to collect points on the participant's account and enables the exchange of points for the possibility of purchasing goods.

24. An account can not be shared with other people.

25. Points on the participant's account are valid for no longer than for the duration of the program.

26. In the event of loss of access to the account, the participant should report this fact in writing or via email to the organizer.


IV. Awarding points:


27. The organizer awards points to the participant's account for the purchase of faretti.pl products.

28. The customer does not receive points for expenses related to transport.

29. Exchange of points for cash is excluded.

30. Points are awarded only on condition of full payment for the purchased goods.

31. Points are awarded according to the following conversion rate: each PLN 100 spent corresponds to 5 points.

32. The participant can always check the number of points accumulated on his account via the organizer's website after a one-time activation and login process.

33. In the event that the participant returns to the store purchased products covered by the program for which points have been awarded and receives the value of these products or services, the organizer will deduct the points awarded at the time of the purchase from the participant's account.

34. Points awarded as a result of an IT system error or mistakes made by the organizer's employees or store employees will be canceled.

35. The participant may at any time opt out of participating in the program by submitting a declaration of intent to the organizer.


V. Exchange of points for the purchase of goods:

36. All rules of purchasing goods in connection with collected points and the rules for issuing them are subject to the conditions and restrictions contained in the current catalog of prizes or other materials published by the organizer at https://faretti.pl.

37. Points can be exchanged for the possibility of purchasing goods from all categories.

38. The organizer reserves the right to change the Product Catalog, add or remove products from it.

39. The goods listed in the Goods Catalog have the given number of points, for which the participant acquires the possibility of buying them.

40. The participant is obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the supplier of the goods at a reduced price, in particular for goods requiring advance reservation and any restrictions or fees associated with the implementation, cancellation or change of such a reservation.

41. Goods listed in the Goods Catalog, sold under this Loyalty Program for the benefit of participants in exchange for accumulated points, will be sold at a reduced price PLN 1 gross

42. The costs of delivery of the goods are fully covered by the participant.

43. Payment 1 PLN gross + delivery cost takes place directly in cash upon delivery or by instant transfer (przelewy24).

44. An order from the Goods Catalog may be submitted only by the participant at the organizer via the website.

45. The participant may request exchange of points for the possibility of purchasing goods if he has collected enough points to exchange for such a possibility. Points can be exchanged for the possibility of purchasing goods only for the sum of points accumulated on one account.

46. ​​In case of exchanging points for the possibility of purchasing goods, the organizer will deduct from the participant's account the number of points corresponding to the ordered and sent to the participant goods from the Goods Catalog.

47. All goods at a discounted price are offered if available.

48. Received goods from the Goods Catalog can not be exchanged for other goods.

49. The organizer reserves that the descriptions of goods (including photos) presented in the Goods Catalog or other materials published by the organizer indicate only the type of goods and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

50. Orders for goods from the Goods Catalog may be submitted only during the program.

51. Orders placed after its completion will not be implemented.

VI. Final Provisions:

52. The administrator of personal data obtained and processed in connection with the participation of participants in the program is the organizer.

53. The organizer is entitled to make changes to these regulations during its duration. Any changes to the regulations will be valid after 14 days from the date of their introduction by the organizer.

54. In the event of any changes to the regulations, the organizer will notify the participant about them each time by providing the consolidated text of the amended regulations in the shops and on the organizer's website or through other means.

55. The Organizer does not provide a guarantee for goods from the Goods Catalog sold under the program. The organizer may exclude a participant from the program with immediate effect if he does not comply with these regulations. In this case, the participant will be notified immediately about being excluded by e-mail or registered mail.

56. These regulations are subject to the Polish law.

57. All disputes arising from the performance of obligations related to the program will be settled by the court competent for the seat of the organizer.