Why elevator shoes?

Faretti elevator shoes have been designed for men who want to be taller and become much more confident. They are great to wear every day, but also for important ceremonies such as weddings. They'll be useful for work, dates, birthdays, and interviews. This footwear is not only for men of short height, but also for those who want a slender, upright figure, a more stride step, as well as for those who want to get a much better look.

Although our shoes look like traditional footwear, they actually consist of many revolutionary solutions. They keep the natural proportions of ordinary footwear, and allow you to discreetly add up to +4,72 inches (+12 cm) height.

They are 100% designed to maintain maximum comfort while wearing, and at the same time that our unique patent pending in the middle of the shoe remains completely unnoticed by others. Discretion guaranteed.

Faretti footwear is made of the highest quality natural calf and cattle skins, as well as materials. We make them extremely carefully by hand. The owner of our Faretti footwear will immediately become much more confident, gain a slimmer, straight figure, and gain a more confident step.


Properties of increasing shoes:

- Designed insole that adds up to +4,72 inches (+12 cm) height, while maintaining comfort as well as discretion. Our special insole provides fantastic foot stabilization, absorbing pressure while walking providing even more pleasure from use.

- The developed insole stretched over the entire length of the shoe perfectly hidden in the sole allows you to add a man many centimeters of height

- We use only 100% natural leather that provides great breathability of the foot during use

Why is it better to be taller and wear elevator shoes? :

- male confidence increases extremely

- slimmer silhouette

- your body is straightened, thanks to which you also take care of the health of the spine

- you go with a more confident step

- you don't slouch, thanks to which you are even taller than indicated by the increased shoes

- women prefer taller men

- you have more respect among other people

- a lot of scientific research confirms that taller men earn more money, do better in their professional life and have a higher social position than their lower colleagues

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