The Faretti company was established specifically to increase men's confidence. We believe that height is the most important attribute in a man's appearance, that's why we designed our heel shoes specifically to add discreetly up to +4,72 inches (+12 cm) in height.

A special height insert mounted in the sole adds, depending on the model of the shoe, many centimeters of height. It is so hidden that absolutely no one would learn about the owner's secret.

Our shoes not only offer growth. Each pair of our footwear is also designed to slim a man's silhouette, which will significantly increase his attractiveness in the eyes of other people. A safer step and a simple attitude are another remarkable advantage of our footwear.

Contrary to appearances, Faretti products are not only for short men. Our clients are also men of medium and high height. In fact, every Lord dreams of taller growth, then he feels more confident in relation to other people, he is handsome, slimmer, and also inspires greater trust and respect.

According to many studies, taller men earn more, have a higher social status, and better relationships with women. High gentlemen also hold managerial positions much more often.

We make handmade Faretti shoes only from the highest quality natural leather. We believe that high quality as well as professional customer service will ensure a long-term relationship. Faretti offers access to dozens of models of elevating shoes from many categories such as: wedding, elegant, everyday, sports.

Our mission is to increase the confidence of lower men, as well as to make their overall appearance more attractive. At Faretti you will find the largest selection of handmade custom-made heel shoes at the best price on the market.